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Building Automation Services is an environmental controls firm. We provide in-depth system consultation and integration, utilizing the ASHRAE SSPC 135 BACnet standard. We are an authorized Reliable Control Dealer with Level 4 and Level 3 Control architects and technicians. Our vast experience equips us to provide knowledgeable guidance and expertise to our customers. We have expertise in helping to address moisture and humidity issues. We also provide remote monitoring and support for the customer as well as energy management and consultation and controls/operations training.

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Flexible Controls & Integration

Remote Monitoring






Enthalpy/Ventilation Consultation


Flexible Controls & Integration

Using the ASHRAE® standard BACnet® protocol, the Reliable Controls MACH-System features a fully programmable, peer-to-peer building control and software network designed by our veteran controls engineers based around your needs. These control systems are durable, flexible, easy-to-use, economical, and scalable with an excellent return on investment.

Remote Monitoring

We serve as an extension to your team by providing real-time remote monitoring of your facilities and mechanical systems. Our team can work directly with your facilities team or dispatch one of our field controls specialists to ensure you recover your systems on location as soon as possible.


We offer scheduled maintenance plans to help you gain greater facility control, optimize equipment, create system efficiencies, provide a fixed budget, and reduce your current operating costs. With Building Automation Services responsible for maintaining your control systems, your staff can focus on the needs of your core business. Our trained and knowledgeable staff provides remote monitoring and is only a phone call away.

Energy Management Service

Our energy management service provides access to a knowledgeable team of energy management professionals who monitor and control your portfolio’s energy usage.


We offer comprehensive on-site training—tailored and customized for your control systems—as part of every project upgrade or initial system commissioning.

We also offer extensive certification programs for Operators of MACH Systems. The certification programs consist of graduated levels of online e-learning courses, short videos, and classroom courses.

Enthalpy / Ventilation Consultant

A Building Automation Services Enthalpy Consultation will provide you with solutions to your existing thermodynamic environment challenges. Efficient environmental systems are designed to filter the air, heat or cool as necessary, and control relative humidity to optimize your indoor environmental quality (IEQ). Effective HVAC mechanical and control systems are designed to meet the needs of a specific building based on its geographic region, design, use, and occupant activities. Inefficient systems can allow moisture to build, potentially creating conditions where the system itself can become a reservoir for biological contaminants, resulting in mold growth that leads to the structural decay of the building or its components.

A Ventilation Consultation will test your system against the American Society of Heating, Refrigeration, and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) standards. Our team’s extensive experience helps customers measure and achieve the delicate balance of both comfort and safety. Efficiently controlled indoor environmental quality protects against short- and long-term health problems, including respiratory tract infections, allergic reactions, headaches, congestion, eye and skin irritations, coughing, sneezing, fatigue, dizziness, and nausea. Poorly controlled environments can be held liable for health issues. Ensure your environmental quality is operating at optimal efficiency with an Enthalpy and/or Ventilation Consultation.

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