BAS has been providing turn-key Building Automation Services (BAS) for over a decade. We work on a wide variety of projects and offer services in many vertical markets. The following examples highlight the diversity of projects for which we have delivered solutions.


Building Automation Services has extensive, proven experience working in complex school systems and campus facilities across the state; many of which have considerable challenges. In one case, a large high school facility was struggling with serious moisture and mold issues. Several attempts to resolve the site’s environmental needs by competitors and the engineering community ended with few tangible improvements. The severity of issues related to the out of control moisture and mold growth had reached not only critical health but also created occupational safety hazards in school hallways accumulating a wet, slippery residue buildup.  Mold was present on much of the tile and walls. Occupants frequently complained of associated health issues and experienced severe eye irritation. The facility owner began their search for resolution, expecting to require extremely expensive mechanical equipment replacement and retrofitting. BAS offered to resolve the issue through better controls of their existing mechanical equipment for the entire school. The BAS Controls Solution was contracted as a proof-of-concept against the school’s worst area and met with remarkable success for the owner.  We then designed a comprehensive school control solution that brought all the existing mechanical systems under efficient management and made additional modifications to dry out the air, vastly improving the environmental control of entire the facility. Faculty and staff morale, as well as occupational safety and health conditions, improved immediately.


A small but prominent community had been working with a well-known global controls provider for service and support through an established service contract. The facilities director for the municipality had experienced great difficulty getting the large controls provider to perform as contracted—neither in response to scheduled service nor to immediate needs—resulting in their termination for cause. BAS was then contracted to design, implement, and commission a new controls system and provide service through an ongoing support agreement. BAS continues to expand the facilities we cover for this client, citing our rapid response and superior control design results that have empowered the facilities director with higher operational efficiencies and reduced maintenance challenges.


A surgical center had been struggling to maintain the strict environmental compliance standards for certification required for delicate medical procedures. The building had been remodeled and expanded several times which resulted in zones that began to exceed the existing mechanical capabilities. BAS was entrusted to partner with the client and its mechanical firm to successfully design, implement, and manage a total package to ensure the medical facility’s critical environmental performance requirements were reliably and sustainably met in continuous operations. 


BAS has considerable experience in the manufacturing space. One notable project was partnering with a manufacturing facility struggling with high humidity and moisture levels. Extreme levels resulted in corrosion of process equipment and structural steel, threatening the manufacturing process and building integrity of the facility itself. We surveyed the site and developed a controls/hardware solution to bring the humidity and moisture to safe and acceptable levels, further designed to halt the corrosion and ensure the longevity of equipment, and performed any required repairs to stabilize building integrity and operations.

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