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A little bit of history…
Building Automation Services (BAS) is an environmental controls firm founded in 2005 by Glenn Talbert and Charles Fields. This combined partnership brings eighty years of experience and impeccable reputation to the HVAC Mechanical and Controls sector. Before coming together, both Glenn and Charles were independently leading large, complex organizations. In time, they began feeling disconnected from the hands-on work that better engaged their customers and assured success. Having partnered on projects in the past, Glenn and Charles integrated their visions to offer unparalleled design, effectiveness, and support to the environmental controls industry under the BAS name.

From the start, their goals were simple: remain small, be highly efficient with low overhead, and stay hands-on with customers through meeting needs, building relationships, and executing projects. This diligent approach afforded them the ability to expand and choose the customers and projects for whom BAS was the right fit. These choices were not made hastily. Each decision was calculated according to BAS’s capacity to provide unique and innovative consultation, applications, and highly effective controls solutions in each particular case.

BAS’s growing reputation continued to set them apart, often from vastly larger competitors. As a controls firm, BAS was uniquely suited to offer customers objective analysis and enhanced solutions focusing on more cost-effective controls. This usually empowered clients to retain much, if not all, of their existing mechanical investments while dramatically improving how they could operate them. Their competitors, on the other hand, were often focused on cost intensive mechanical solutions with proprietary embedded controls, many times limiting overall building efficiency. BAS’s pragmatic, customer-first approach has led to great success for them as illustrated by increased business, including being invited to engage projects on which they had not initially bid.

While BAS can, and still does, participate in the bid marketplace, they decided long ago to never buy or low bid for business or a customer. Today, BAS gets great joy from teaming with direct clients, mechanical firms, engineers, and architects who have a vision for sustainable solutions that work. Our customers find tangible return on investment with this strategy, often reducing required FTE to manage facilities. Reputation, not price, has been the critical factor in BAS’s success story.

This measured success and commitment to excellence finds its roots in the core values that define the company. These values have served BAS, our founders, and our customers well. Committed to see this success continue for our customers, our founders have begun to form the next generation of BAS and ensure its stability and vitality. Our expanding team, some with twenty plus years of history with Glenn and Charles, continues to accept increased responsibilities to meet this challenge. 2018 brings another year of growth and expansion with growth initiatives in the Raleigh-Durham and eastern North Carolina markets. If you know of someone that would be a good fit for our team, please have them call us today!

Our Vision:
We provide the most flexible, dependable, sustainable, innovative & secure building control solutions in the industry. We set the standards that inspire.
Mission Statement
We are a team of committed professionals focused on customer-centric solutions that deliver practical, easy-to-use building solutions that are flexible and economical, providing our customers with an excellent return on investment, year over year.

Driven to be the best in our field, we deliver exceptional craftsmanship each day to our customers. Our work is rooted in a commitment to customer success. We pride ourselves in our ability to listen to our customers’ needs and diligently strive to respond to them quickly and efficiently. As a result, our customers receive the highest caliber of effort, thoughtful design, and exceptional service. We care deeply about enabling our customers to spend less time thinking about controls/mechanical systems and more about what else is best for their business or organization.

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